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Eden Prairie Deck Refinishing, Painting, Staining, Edina, Minneapolis, MN

Eden Coat

residential painting
Hi. I�m Jerry Fancher, owner of Fresh Coat Painters, Eden Prairie. a myriad of decks. brand-new decks that simply need to be stained. I see decks that should be replaced. What�s the best application? We shouldn't let stain? We shouldn't let use a paint? What product should we use? How should it be cleaned? Just how much tasks are involved in looking after their deck? Old decks and new decks can not be treated the same, and power washing is normally not the very best answer since you can drive the old stuff in to the wood and chew off a lot of old top layer with the wood. I�ll know what form of wood you've got along with what shape it�s in. If it�s new, organic beef simply have to seal it. If it�s an old pummelled deck, we may have to replace some boards and do some heavy sanding. Then we�ll talk about which stain strategy is best for your deck. If it�s a mature deck, organic beef consider a solid stain that is much like a paint. You can depend on my team gives a clear and professional job, and before I am going you�ll be completely satisfied and able to enjoy your deck. DIY Network�s Bath Crashers has chosen us for all their Twin Cities shows, and we�re very pleased with that. Fresh Coat, Eden Prairie, painting done right. On time, on budget, all the time.

residential painting

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